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Five key ways to manage your social media marketing so you can sleep at night and see social media working for you.




In this column, I will share five key ways to manage your social media marketing so you can sleep at night and see social media working for you.

Have a social media channel plan that makes sense. As I wrote in a previous ClickZ column on the five ways to create your social media marketing plan, it is crucial for any organization to have a social media plan in place.Have a content plan that is reasonable. The key to engagement in social is delivering content that is shareable and engaging. If you have a small team, you cannot expect to push out new original content every day. You might be able to do one blog post a week, one email newsletter a month, etc. If you are small and are selling one product or service, then your content plan can be easily managed.Have the right social media resources. This is the absolute key to your social media success or failure. Social media, as many say, is now a sophisticated marketing tool and must be treated as such. The right people must be in place to manage it effectively (toward your brand goals). This means making sure you have an appropriate approval system in place with the brand manager at the top.Don’t jump to every social media change – stick to your plan. With changes in social networks happening every second, it is all too easy to get thrown off track and get unfocused on your social media goals. Any changes to your social media marketing program should be tested and reviewed for driving positive results. One of the pieces of advice we provide, for example, is to set aside a small portion of resources (time and money) each quarter to test any new social initiatives.Have a social customer service process. Social media networks are the perfect breeding ground for reputation damage. Make sure that you are a step ahead of the game by managing your social media sentiment. With regular monitoring of your audiences’ positive or negative mentions of your brand and by getting regular alerts on these with simple tools like Social Mention or Google Alerts or more sophisticated tools like Viralheat or HootSuite, you will more easily be able to manage how your brand is perceived in social.

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