Where do you focus?

What's the time focus for social?

Social Marketing is split into two areas: creating and engaging. Both are important but both can potentially take up a huge amount of time. So where should you focus your energy?

Fundamentally, the content is crucial and so to an extent I would disagree with the plan given in the image. At the end of the day if customers and potential customers should be impressed with what you’re actually doing rather than disappointed about a lot of hype.

Having said that, social media with no engagement either fails completely because no one knows about it or struggles to reach the right people, both are equally frustrating. So it is really important to engage people directly with the focus of the social media in a very clear and direct way.

The best possible route is to combine the two: essentially to make something that people want and thus automatically engage with. These days marketing is not about making people want something but about making something people want. Social media has incredible potential to really push that to a new level and examples such as Heinz Soup campaigns prove this.

If you want to create a social media product that your potential customers will want to engage with get in touch with us at Tweet Like Follow Friend!


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