Professional Voice Practice

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Phyllida Furse is the founder of the Professional Voice Practice. Tweet Like Follow Friend worked with Phyllida to launch her digital marketing presence through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MailChimp and has subsequently begun designing the website. Here’s what she had to say about her Launch experience:

Has Tweet Like Follow Friend helped you to achieve your social media marketing goals?

It has been a great introduction to social media networking and marketing and one which I intent to take advantage of going forward. it’s no good having a great small business if nobody knows about it!

Do you feel more people know and engage with your company as a result of Tweet Like Follow Friend’s work with your social media?


What was the best thing about your experience?
Jemima’s friendly, uncomplicated and professional approach.
And the worst thing?!
Information overwhelm and impatience with myself for not knowing all this stuff already!
Would you recommend Tweet Like Follow Friend and why?
Yes because Jemima works hard to deliver the information simply and accessibly which is a great help to people starting up small enterprises, who feel intimidated by social media. Her approach is customer focused and inclusive, providing a good networking model.

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