Unenthused by social media? You’re not alone.

Social Media can seem like a slog to many businesses, particularly those so passionate about their product or service. As a result they take no or, even worse, very little interest in it. At least if you stay out of the social media game all together you’re not letting anyone down, after all, a social media presence is a commitment. However, if you make a profile but then fail to maintain it you are going to cause serious damage to your brand on and offline.

Those who struggle most are no doubt those who are most involved in their business, yet they are the ones who can profit the most from it. If you really believe in what you are selling then that will come across so clearly through social media that potential customers will really buy into your brand. This development of a true community is vital. In my workshops and consultancy sessions, however, businesses struggle to connect with it. They see their website as where people buy from them and ask why Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest can’t do the same? The answer: because they are social constructs. They were established by University students who wanted to spread news and events and, largely, gossip. Therefore businesses who are trying to use this basic structure to market themselves have to develop their social side. For many business people this could be a struggle at best but believing in their brand isn’t. I would make a guess that no business people believe that their product does nothing. Thus marketing via social mediums is all about understanding what it does: what does it give to people, the community of society at large?

Once you have established that identity you can create a very genuine online presence that will be long term and sustainable because it reflects your business and thus the two are intrinsically combined. So long as your business operates so does your social media. It reports the news of your business in a short and effective manner and tells people what you think about the world. This has huge potential to reach a market of people who align themselves with your viewpoint and will buy into your product.

So, if you believe in your business then show it through social media.


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