Barefoot Birmingham


Six months ago Tweet Like Follow Friend began working with start-up company Barefoot Birmingham and here’s what they’ve said about the experience…

Has Tweet Like Follow Friend helped you to achieve your social media marketing goals?

Yes, without a doubt! We are a small start-up business and have been delighted with our consultant!

Do you feel more people know and engage with your company as a result of Tweet Like Follow Friend’s work with your social media?

Yes, our Facebook and Twitter reach has mushroomed!

What was the best thing about your experience?

Learning about the many creative ways social media can be harnessed to support the brand as well as drive sales – and seeing it happen.

And the worst thing?!

Our Consultant has made me realise we have only just scraped the surface of social media and its potential – there is still so much that needs to be done!

Would you recommend Tweet Like Follow Friend and why?

Yes for many reasons including:

Consultants understand the bigger picture of linking social media to organisational goals.

Personalised friendly no-jargon communication.

Willingness to fully engage with the product / service in order to understand customer needs and wants.

Creative approach but always results-driven.

Integrated approach means consultants always look at our organisation’s other marketing / sales activities, and look to create powerful tie-ins.


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